Rosebank Road Update

Rosebank Road progress.
The Tree Council (TTC) has been working towards saving the Pohutukawa and Oak trees growing on 321Rosebank Road for some time now (2.5 years) as you are probably aware.
The Pohutukawa was refused consent for removal by Auckland Council (AC) in 2011 and the developer of the site Connell Place Ltd (CPL) took this decision to appeal in the Environment Court.  Also in 2011 Auckland Council accepted the nomination of both trees for addition to the Schedule of Notable Trees in the Auckland Council District Plan (Isthmus Section).  This decision too has been taken to appeal by the developer.
In December CPL applied to the Court for a ‘pause’ in both these cases while they did further work on the development opportunities of the site with the trees in place.  This was agreed to by all parties.
At a recent meeting of TTC, AC, and CPL the next stage of action has been agreed to.  The consultant arborists from each party will agree on site to the limitations of work, within the root systems of both trees, that would be prudent.  Once this is established CPL can then carry out their site planning possibilities with more accuracy.
So The Tree Council waits with interest to hear and see what the results of this consultation will be.

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