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New Zealand:

Auckland Council’s Urban Ngahere (Forest) Strategy

New Zealand Notable Trees Trust who administer the New Zealand Tree Register

New Zealand Arboricultural Association

New Zealand Institute of Forestry

New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects

Earth Charter Aotearoa New Zealand – An online community of Auckland conservation groups

Lecture – Auckland’s Natural Heritage: What benefits do we get from urban trees? by Dr Margaret Stanley – you can download the presentation here.



NZ Plant Conservation Network 

NZ Botanical Society 

Auckland Botanical Society 

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment report “Are we building harder, hotter cities? The vital importance of urban green spaces” (2023) 

Tree of the Year




Trees Australia – Famous South Australian Trees 

UK Tree Council

Trees and Design Action Group (UK)

Institute of Chartered Foresters

International Society of Arboriculture

UK Aboricultural Association

European Forum on Urban Forestry

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Trees for Cities (UK)

Tree City USA

Washington Community Forestry Council

The Tree Council of Ireland


Protecting and Developing the Urban Tree Canopy’ 2008, Washington: The United States Conference of Mayors. Schmied Ariane and Pillman Werner.

Tree Protection Legislation in European Cities‘ in Urban for Urban Green 2 (2003): 115 – 124.

No Trees, No Future – Trees in the urban realm‘ Nov 2008, The Trees and Design Action Group. L O’Brien, K Williams and A Stewart, 2010.

Urban health, and health inequalities and the role of urban forestry in Britain: A review‘, Farnham, Surrey: Social and Economic Research Group, Forestry Research and University of Melbourne.

Rata, Heaphy Track, South Island. Photo by Viv Allen