Resource Management Amendment Bill

The Environment Select Committee have just released their final report on the Resource Management Amendment Bill, which you can read at the link below:

Despite The Tree Council’s best efforts proposing they include provisions to better protect urban trees these have been ignored and the Bill now going for its second reading does not contain any such provisions. This is a massive disappointment and we feel very let down by the government.

This is what the Select Committee said about their consideration of urban tree protection:

During our consideration, we considered several issues that have not resulted to changes to this bill, for various reasons.

We note that a significant number of submissions commented on district planning rules for urban tree protection. We note that consideration of a more efficient process for identifying trees for protection may be considered as part of the wider resource management system review.

One member was of the view that urban tree protection should be reinstated, especially given the high number of submissions from the public to this effect. Other members were satisfied that intention will be achieved through future RMA changes.