Resource Management Amendment Bill Submission

The Government is proposing to change the Resource Management Act and improve many of the significant changes that were made by the last Government over the previous 10 years. They will do this in 2 stages. The first stage is happening now & is a short term fix of some of the things that can be changed quickly and easily. The second stage will take a number of years and will be a complete review of the RMA.

The Tree Council supports the proposed changes in this Bill.
However we are extremely disappointed that the proposals do not include any changes to urban tree protection and we believe this should and could be included now to stem the daily slaughter of our urban forests on private land around the country.

It would be really helpful if you could make a submission to encourage the Government to include some tree protection changes, while supporting the other proposals, within this Bill.

You can read the proposed Bill here.

You can make a submission here.

The Tree Council has already made a submission. You are welcome to use our words in your submission.
You can read our submission here.

The deadline is this Thursday 7 November.