It is never too late to nominate!

The Tree Council has recently had a conversation with a senior Auckland Council official about submissions to the Plan Change process supporting the addition of nominated trees to the various Schedules of Notable trees within 6 of the 7 original Council District Plans.

If you have any further trees you wish to put forward for consideration (that have not already been put forward) to be nominated for a Schedule of Notable Trees then you can still make a submission to the appropriate Plan Change. This was previously not clear.

If you submitted a tree for nomination to the Schedule of Notable Trees, and have not heard from Auckland Council that your submission was unsuccessful, please make a submission to the Plan Change and ask for it to be reassessed. All trees put forward for nomination should have been assessed by Council arborists and all submitters should have been notified of the Council arborists decision. In some cases it seems this has not yet happened.

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