Candidate responses – Council elections 2013

The Tree Council suggests you ask candidates standing for council positions in your area if they support general tree protection before deciding who to vote for. These are the responses we have received:

Christine Rose Waitakere Ward Council candidate – I’d like it on the record that I support General Tree Protection, plus specified scheduling if necessary, to protect the trees and treescape of Auckland.

Sandra Coney Future West Waitakere Ranges Local Board candidate – I support general tree rules and successfully put motions to Auckland Council to keep them in the Laingholm, Titirangi area. In other areas that have lost them, we will need to continue to campaign and lobby central Government to get them back. Coastal pohutukawa are particularly vulnerable. We will also have to watch out for Auckland Transport which has slipped an agreement with Council regarding trees in the road corridor into the Unitary Plan, the effect of which is not clear, but AT’s track record is not that good. I support Significant Ecological Areas which I think will protect many of the areas of urban trees formerly protected by general tree rules. In SEA areas, vegetation can be cleared up to 3 metres around a house, but this reduces to 10% annual pruning up to 10 metres from a dwelling. This should protect forest and canopy and habitat in those areas with SEAs. However, SEAs will need to be defended through the Unitary Plan process.

Chris Cooper Labour Henderson Massey Local Board candidate – I joined the Tree Society in the UK aged 14, and have been a firm supporter of tree protection, reforestation and urban planting since then and particularly since becoming an Aucklander in 1976. Currently I am involved in a project to preserve a cabbage tree forest at Hikuai, and I support tree protection.

Tricia Reade City Vision Waitemata Local Board candidate – I definitely support the protection of trees and would advocate strongly for blanket coverage especially in the city centre and inner city suburbs.

Greg Presland Future West Waitakere Ranges Local Board candidate – I fully support blanket tree protection including the reinstatement of the tree protection rules. I led opposition to the RMA changes which have recently been made. I wrote the WRLB submission and I organised a local meeting in Titirangi to inform residents and encourage them to make submissions.

Saffron Toms Future West Waitakere Ranges Local Board candidate – I definitely support general tree protection.

Catherine Farmer Labour Whau Local Board candidate – I support general tree protection.

Ross Clow Labour Whau ward Council candidate – I am writing to confirm my support for general tree protection in Auckland.

Denise Yates Future West candidate for Waitakere Ranges Local Board – I do support general tree protection.

Glenda Fryer Owairaka Local Board candidate for City Vision – supports the general tree protections.

Gary Stewart Henderson/Massey Local Board candidate standing for the Green Party – yes I support general tree protection.

Helga Arlington – I absolutely support the restoration of the tree protection rules.

Douglas Robertson Mana candidate for Waitakere Ward – yes i do support general tree protection. Trees are an important part of stopping climate change which is the single bigest threat to humanity and the planet.

Jennie Hayman Orakei Local Board – I would welcome your questions about my view on tree protection – general and otherwise. Since 2007 I have been on your mailing list. I am big on heritage and environment (with science and arts degrees) and have RMA experience (Hearings Commissioner) as well as knowledge of plan development and the regulatory process.