Working with the Community

The Work of the Field Officer and Community Tree Advisers

Each Territorial Authority has one or more Community Tree Advisers, appointed by The Tree Council, who are responsible for monitoring, documenting and reporting to the Board through the Field Officer on all tree issues brought to their attention.

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Community Tree Advisers

The Tree Council’s Community Tree Adviser network (CTA) promotes public awareness of the importance of trees by fostering a network of voluntary advisers.

The level and extent of a tree adviser’s involvement is up to each individual and their area of concern, be it a street, suburb or entire city.

The Tree Council believes that trees should be treated as important and valuable assets for the wider community

The network is designed to utilise the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of local people in their local area.

Here are some of the things a tree adviser does:

  • Liaise between council officers and the community
  • Act as a local contact and channel for referrals on tree matters
  • Gather information about trees in the neighbourhood
  • Write submissions to notified resource consent applications
  • Report damage to trees on public land
  • Recognise and report disease and its spread
  • Monitor new plantings
  • Encourage practical projects such as tree planting and the cultivation of trees in the community
  • Talk to people and groups about the benefits of trees and provide information
  • Organise and guide walks to parks and reserves or other tree-related activities
  • Community tree advisers can be the first point of contact for local people with concerns about trees.

Why you should become a tree adviser

  • You will be trained by experienced and knowledgeable people to advise and help others
  • You will be serving your community
  • You will become a member of a network of people committed to the conservation and welfare of trees
  • You will meet other interested people with whom you can discuss tree-related issues.

To find out more about becoming a tree adviser, email Hueline Massey at