Stop the Chop Again – Last Chance to Protect Urban Trees

Media release: for immediate release 14 December 2022

The Government recently introduced new legislation to replace the Resource Management Act and this is currently in select committee. 

The Tree Council is calling on the public to make submissions on this new law now. This will be our last and final opportunity to influence how this law will (or won’t) protect urban trees. We have until 30 January 2023 when submissions close. 

The Tree Council has serious concerns about the proposals that are outlined in the brief public submission points we have drafted, but we are still working on our full submission, which will not be complete until later in January.

The Tree Council’s Chair Sean Freeman says “In August 2021 the public responded overwhelmingly to our Stop the Chop campaign and sent 2,348 individual submissions to the select committee on the exposure draft of the Natural and Built Environments Bill. This succeeded in getting urban tree protection onto the Government’s agenda with proposals on how it could be achieved, but these do not go far enough or fast enough, so now we need you to do it again on the final draft of this legislation”.

PLEASE MAKE A SUBMISSION NOW via our Stop The Chop website portal (just like you did last year) supporting the points we are suggesting and adding your own if you wish. It will only take 5 minutes of your time. We will then upload your submission to the Parliamentary website so that you don’t have to. If you prefer, you can make your submission direct to Parliament yourself here.”

“Please share this message and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to make a submission and help us to STOP THE CHOP and preserve our urban forests across Aotearoa for future generations.” 

This is the greatest gift you can give to your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren this Christmas.

Thank you!