Trees have a unique place in our environment. Without them, human life as we know it would not exist. Trees conserve water, make our air breathable, absorb air pollution, support our slopes and form the hub of enormous underground micro-environments that strengthen soil and foster insect life.

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Pohutukawa 6 at St Luke’s Saved!

The campaign to save the 6 pohutukawas over 80 years old on Great North Rd at the St Luke’s Junction took a surprising and wonderful turn on 20 Feb 2015 when the Auckland Transport Board voted unanimously to save the trees. The protesters had turned up in force for the Board meeting, ironically held inMore

Pohutukawa 6 campaign gathers pace

Pohutukawa 6 campaign gathers pace

The campaign to save the 6 pohutukawas over 80 years old at the St Luke’s junction on Great North Road is gathering pace. Auckland Transport has accepted the recommendation of the hearing commissioners to remove the trees and a legal appeal is planned. The trees have been decorated with a lot of banners and knittingMore


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