Trees have a unique place in our environment. Without them, human life as we know it would not exist. Trees conserve water, make our air breathable, absorb air pollution, support our slopes and form the hub of enormous underground micro-environments that strengthen soil and foster insect life.

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Pohutukawa 6 at St Luke’s Saved!

The campaign to save the 6 pohutukawas over 80 years old on Great North Rd at the St Luke’s Junction took a surprising and wonderful turn on 20 Feb 2015 when the Auckland Transport Board voted unanimously to save the trees. The protesters had turned up in force for the Board meeting, ironically held inMore

Pohutukawa 6 campaign gathers pace

Pohutukawa 6 campaign gathers pace

The campaign to save the 6 pohutukawas over 80 years old at the St Luke’s junction on Great North Road is gathering pace. Auckland Transport has accepted the recommendation of the hearing commissioners to remove the trees and a legal appeal is planned. The trees have been decorated with a lot of banners and knittingMore

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Please join The Tree Council

 if you are keen to support conservation of Auckland’s trees. Membership for individuals, incorporated societies and charitable trusts is $20 per year; for students and beneficiaries $15.

To join, please click here or contact: The Tree Council, PO Box 28272, Remuera, Auckland 1541.
Phone 09 425 9246


The Tree Council’s aims are to:

  • Promote (and advocate for) effective programmes for the protection, management and planting of trees in the urban environment
  • Assist people who care about trees to network with councils and community groups and become more effective in tree protection
  • Collect, prepare, and disseminate information, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of trees and their care

The Tree Council is a long-standing non-profit organisation established in 1986 to act as a steward for the trees of the Auckland region.

The Tree Council exists to protect, conserve and improve the tree cover in the Auckland region, especially in urban areas.
We believe that skilled and careful management of both native and introduced species is vital in order for mature trees to survive in the ongoing rush for urban space.

The Tree Council aims to help Aucklanders appreciate through lobbying, publications, activities and training courses. We also offer advice and support about specific trees.

The Tree Council assists in education, advocacy and management of Auckland’s trees, and has active representatives throughout the Auckland Council area.  We work with Auckland Council to ensure that trees within its jurisdiction have an advocate through our Community Tree Adviser Network.

The Tree Council believes that trees should be treated as important and valuable assets for the wider community. We intervene in the planning process if trees appear to be at risk of unnecessary destruction through development applications.

About our Board Members:

Sean Freeman (Chair) joined The Tree Council Board in March 2013 soon after moving to Auckland from Australia. Sean had been a consulting arborist in Queensland for 7 years and founded the Veteran Tree Group to recognise the significance of ancient trees within the urban footprint. The Veteran Tree Group has a register of 750 trees. His focus was originally in arborculture but he became more interested in the older larger trees which have been more & more frequently removed in Australia. Sean has expertise in the relationship between trees and wood decay fungi. He was elected to the Chair at the 2013 AGM.

Hueline Massey joined The Tree Council very soon after it was set up, 20 years ago and since joining the Board in 2001 has held the roles of Secretary, Treasurer and Field Officer. Hueline has completed the Community Tree Care Short Course run by The Tree Council and is a member of the Community Tree Adviser network.

Sherylle Scott BLA (Treasurer) joined The Tree Council after completing the Community Tree Care Course in 2006. Sherylle has been able to relieve Hueline of the rolls of Treasurer and Membership Secretary and is also a Community Tree Advisor for The Tree Council. She holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Unitec and has had her own landscape design business since 1992.

Dr Mels Barton (Secretary) emigrated to NZ in 1999 and ran her own environmental consultancy for a number of years with her late partner. Mels was a member of the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society executive for many years until 2011. Since 2010, she has been the National and Auckland Coordinator for the week-long annual event ‘NZAEE Seaweek’. She is also a trustee for the Weedfree and EcoMatters Environmental Trusts. 
Mels was co-opted onto the Board of The Tree Council during winter 2011, and elected at the 2011 AGM.

Cheryl Lawton joined The Tree Council Board at the 2013 AGM.

Mandy McMullin joined The Tree Council Board at the 2013 AGM and has a history of working in local government. She is currently employed by Ecomatters Environment Trust to work on Project Twin Streams.

Lili Ng was co-opted onto the Board of The Tree Council during winter 2014 following a dispute with her neighbour over a pohutukawa tree on their boundary in which the tree was removed.

Pip Mules joined The Tree Council in 2009.  In 2010 she became a member of the Tree Council board because she was so concerned about the fate of Auckland’s trees as a result of the imminent changes in the Resource Management Act.  She is a lecturer in the School of Communication Studies at AUT. She is an amateur tree lover who is committed to improving her knowledge of trees, particularly native trees, and preserving Auckland’s urban forest. Pip is taking a sabbatical from The Tree Council Board in 2014.


Member benefits:

Membership of The Tree Council helps contribute to the work of the community tree advisers, and also entitles you to a number of benefits:
• Guided walks and lectures
• Regular newsletter
• Educational workshops


The Tree Council has produced a number of useful and informative publications for members and the public. By purchasing these, you will be supporting The Tree Council’s work.

The publications available currently include:

2012 Calendar
The Tree Council produced a 2012 calendar with photographs supplied by members and friends.  Unfortunately these are now sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought one.

Notable Trees of Auckland
Tree enthusiasts will delight in using this 40-page illustrated guide to track down 30 of Auckland City’s most unique, interesting and historic trees.
Maps and the easy-to-find directions will lead you to each of these remarkable trees.
Copies are just $10.00 (including P&P)

50 Trees for Auckland
This booklet will enable you to select the most suitable trees for your land, garden, farm or property.
Choosing the right species will ensure fast, healthy growth giving you maximum protection, beauty and privacy.
Informative and simple to use.
Copies are just $2.00 (including P&P)
To order any of the publications listed on this website, contact: The Secretary, Hueline Massey at or ph 09 425 9246.


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